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By mentoring a student pro bono, you give another student the mentorship and support they need.


How does pro bono mentoring work?

You may choose to do pro bono mentoring and pay it forward for a good cause.

For each pro bono session you complete, you're giving a Nexus Starter membership (worth $29) to a student in need. This enables them to get the mentorship they need, to excel in their career and entrepreneurial aspirations.

You may also choose to accept a fee for your time and advice. These fees will range from $20 to $40 per hour.

What is a mentoring session like?

You'll meet your mentee over a video call for 30 - 45 mins. Each session focuses on a specific goal. For example, a mentee would book a "Career Q&A" session to learn more about a specific role or domain (like software engineering) or what the culture is like in a specific company (perhaps yours!)

Use the session notes to guide and focus your conversation. This includes helpful questions that the mentee has answered in advance.

How do I get matched to my mentees?

You'll be matched with mentees based on your interests and industry experience.

You may choose to mentor students from one or more of these paths: 1. Applying to university 2. Keen to join a tech company 3. Building a startup or businesss.

How much time should I commit?

We encourage our mentors to commit at least 2 hours a month, which means you'll be mentoring between 2 to 3 students regularly. We're flexible and will do our best to fit your preferences and availability.

Can I connect with my mentee outside of Reactor Nexus, e.g. via email or LinkedIn?

Yes, of course. Feel free to connect and engage with your mentee via email, LinkedIn or whichever medium is most convenient for you.

We strongly encourage organising the mentoring sessions through Reactor Nexus, as each session is guided and focused. We'll only be able to make payment or recognise your pledges based on your session history.

I'm keen to offer my mentee a job opportunity at my company.

Yes, you're more than welcome too! We recognise that mentoring students is one of the best ways to reach out and recruit talented and committed people to your team.

Is mentoring private and confidential?

Yes, all your mentoring sessions and workshops are completely private and confidential.

What if i'm not happy with my mentee?

Please let us know. We want to make sure you and your mentees have a great fit.